transcript targetting.

Robert A. Bloodgood rab4m at UVA.PCMAIL.VIRGINIA.EDU
Mon Apr 4 08:20:32 EST 1994

The conversation seems to be heating up about the very interesting field of
trageting of mRNAs to various locations in the cytoplasm of cells.  An
important reference for anyone interested in this topic:

Wilhelm, J.E. and R.D. Vale (1993) RNA on the move: The mRNA localization
pathway.  Journal of Cell Biology 123: 269-274.  (October 1993).

In terms of neuronal targeting, a useful reference is:

Steward, O. and G.A. Banker (1992) Getting the message from the gene to the
synapse: sorting and intracellular transport in neurons.  Trends in
Neuroscience 15: 180-186.

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