mass production of in-vitro plants,tissue culture-info

Deven Juthani juthani at
Thu Apr 7 17:05:36 EST 1994


I am doing a feasibility study for mass production of 'Elite' plants
through tissue culture facility. This is a part of biotechnology which
is young but growing science in India.

Technology Transfer is sought from 'Cultiss' of the Netherlands and
entire production of the facility would be EXPORTED in the form of 'in-vitro'
plants from Indian manufacturing facility.

I would appreciate any information about above items (Elite plants or
in-vitro plants) and the company 'Cultiss' based in the Netherlands.
Also any comments on the acceptability and regulations for such a plants
and markets for the same are welcome.

I am sorry if this is not the right news group for the above subject, if
not a pointer to an appropriate group would be appreciated.

Thankx in advance


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