apoptosis and cell viability

Fri Apr 8 18:41:09 EST 1994

>In bionet.cellbiol you write:
>> asks how to define an apoptotic body
>>this is tough.  the trypan blue exclusion measures phagocytosed apoptoti
>>c fragments in vacuoles in macrophages or other cells.  the bodies
>>themselves are supposed to be impermeable and are identified, during
>>their short life by highly condensded DNA, in curlure often marginated
>>and by the condensed nature of the entire structure.  usually there
>>is no other good marker, though piacentini and fesus have identified
>>transglutaminase in the bodies.
>I just came to this group and found an apoptosis thread already going...
>I don't suppose you filed any of the things I missed, but the trypan-blue
>inclusion bodies (sort-of) really does sound like it could do my project a
>power of good.
If anyone else wants, I can assemble the last month's collection from
undeleted capture files.  Otherwise, if you have reasonable readers,
look at bionet.cellbiol AND bionet.molbiol.ageing.  Both are getting
sporadic attention on apoptosis.  When one gets to be more active
I will try to warn the other
>					Cheers,   Nev    (:>

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