making neutrophils stick

wiens at wiens at
Thu Apr 14 22:47:38 EST 1994

Regarding the question from Seth Corey: getting human neutrophils to stick on g
.co[Cverslips. [C.....I How about trying to coat the coverslips with an
extracellular mati\rixc matrix ?  The cheapest and easeist would be vulgar
collagen such as from rat tail.  Purchase it from Sigma or Gibco, solubilize in
acetic acid and warm to room tem p, and then pipett sterilly onto the sterile
coverslips.  Most cells love it.  Other ECMs would be fibronectin or Matrigel  
Pl[Cease e[Cmai[Cl me if you're interested in an exact protocol for the
gen.    ooooooooI'm WIENSr'se.

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