Antibiotics / Cell Culture / Fungii infection

michaelrs at michaelrs at
Sat Apr 23 13:42:37 EST 1994

	We have comme across several cultivations of mammalian cells being "infected"
by fibric material. The media we are using is made up from pulver and then
sterile filtered, tested for (bacterial) infection. When running continous
processes after 2/3 weeks or so we encounter clogging due to some fibres that
attached to our reactor inside. Of course we did sterile testing before. To
insure we can do the experiments we want to do we add antibiotics,
penicillin/streptomycin/neomycin. All material is from GIBCO or Sigma, approved

	Is it reasonble to believe that the fungii we saw under the
microscopes/scanning microscopes are imported through the antibiotics ?
	As antibiotics are produced from fungii, could it be that during
downstreamprocessing the spores are not totally removed, and end up in the
suspensions ?
	Does anyone have had similiar experience/thoughts ?
	Should I fight the fungii with antimycotica ?

			Michael R Schuppenhauer
			ETH Zurich, Switzerland
			Dept. of Chem Eng
			michaelrs at 

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