Fluorescence microscopy and acridine orange

gvacano at eagle.wesleyan.edu gvacano at eagle.wesleyan.edu
Tue Apr 26 09:38:10 EST 1994


        I have a question which, I suppose, is a bit naive. I'm working on a
project which involves staining, and viewing, Drosophila embryos with acridine
orange. What I need, specifically, is any information concerning viewing
stained embryos by fluorescence microscopy. Which filter set should I use (the
microscope is a Zeiss Axioplan Universal, with sets for viewing DAPI,
rhodamine, and FITC stained samples)? What other settings or parameters
should I know about? Are there any tips or tricks of the trade I should be
aware of?

        Any help of any kind will be much appreciated.

Thanks, Guido
Wesleyan University

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