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ebarak at NSF.GOV ebarak at NSF.GOV
Tue Apr 26 10:34:02 EST 1994

The FAX # for ASCB is (in the USA)  (301) -530-7139

In the past, announcements about the meeting, including symposium program 
schedule and registration forms, have been sent out in the very late Spring or 
early summer.  Perhaps this is why they have not yet replied to you.

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Subject: ASCB meeting
Author:  Mandy Johnstone <udbl119 at> at NOTE
Date:    4/26/94 2:41 PM

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Hi folks,

I would like to find out more information about the forthcoming American 
Society for Cell Biology meeting which is to be held in San Fransisco in 
December this year.  I wrote of to the ASCB at Bethesda about 6 weeks ago and 
have received no reply.  I have the telephone number but was wondering if 
anyone out there knew their fax number.  I have tried to get it in the UK but 
they have not got it listed.  Many thanks in advance.

Mandy Johnstone.

Mandy Johnstone
(M.Johnstone at

King's College, London.

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