Nonwetting Culture Plastics?

Richard Burge R.Burge at
Tue Apr 26 13:11:55 EST 1994

I am growing primary neuronal cell cultures and would like to be able to 
segregate different populations of cells to discrete parts of a cover slip, 
wait for them to attach and then let them grow. One way I have seen this done 
is using a removable wall of non-wetting plastic, such that the medium 
containing the cells is repelled from its surface, preventing cells from 
slipping underneath. This is preferable to something which forms a tight seal 
with the coverslip as this may damage the substrate.

I have heard of something called Aclar 33C plastic, manufactured by Allied 
Chemical, being used successfully. I don't have an address/phone no. for them 
however. I believe they have an outlet in the States - if anyone has any 
information on this company, especially on British/European distributors, I 
would appreciate it.

Failing that, does anyone else who manufacture water-repellant tissue culture 

Thanks in advance,

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