Mitochondrial structure -- REQUEST FOR INFO

Daniel E. Platt platt at
Tue Aug 2 15:45:55 EST 1994


I'm trying to find some physical data on the inner membranes of 
mitochondria...  For example,

1)  How thick are the membranes?  (I understand lipid bi-layers are
around 60-90 A thick, but that the inner membrane is mostly protein;
how thick is it? how rough is it? etc).

2)  How much voltage is really across the membrane?  Stryer cites
0.14V; Darnell et al cite 0.1V.  

3)  What is the effective premittivity of lipid bilayers?  How about
for mitochondria inner membranes (since they aren't even close to being
mostly lipid bilayers)?  Is there an estimate of the permittivity
in the cytosol (is it like that of H20? or higher?)?

4)  How thick are the inter-wall spaces? how about the spaces between the
walls within christae (cytosol side, not matrix side)?

5)  Is there any information on the cytoskeleton for the christae?

6)  Is there any data base that would have a 3D digitized mapping of
the inner mitochondrial membrane?



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