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>Quick/simple question for YOU, Bionetters:
... but no quick and simple anwser available !!

>What's the "total" & "free" ATP concentration intracellularly?
>Especially in rat/mice liver cells.

	What do you consider free, what total, what not-free ?

	According to which method you want to measure it ?

	At which physiological state do you want to measure ?

	Cells in the body, or cells in culture ?

	The subject is very controverse and an anwser is not easy at all considering
the possibilities of variations. If you just want a un-refrenced number (order
of magniutude) 2 to 10 mmol ATP/l cellvolum would be the range, 4 mM is a good
mean, but again particular for liver the ATP contents can vary a lot.
				Michael RS
				ETH Zurich, Dept. of ChemE

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