Antibodies to phsophoserine and phosphothreonine

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Thu Aug 11 19:22:58 EST 1994

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> Has anybody had good experience with antibodies toward phosphoserine or
> phosphothreonine?  I believe Sigma is selling some but they are not
> cheap and I am wondering if people have had good experinces using them
> on a variety of proteins.
> -Neal Gliksman

I'd have to say I have not had good experience with them.  I've done more 
western blots than I care to count over the last 5 years, most of the 
phosphotyrosine.  I have used several mAbs to that.  
I have not given up on the antiphosphoser and antiphosphothre, but they are a 
bit finicky.  Lots of background problems.


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