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Robert Burns burns at sasa.gov.uk
Mon Aug 15 05:24:11 EST 1994

Li Bin <libin at connected.com> wrote :

>Subject: The shape of a cell
>Hello, netters
>I have a question about the shape of cells.  How does a cell get its 
shape ?
>I guess the cell membrane composition and structure must have played 
a vital
>role in determining the shape.  But how does work exactly ?  Other 
>such as intrenal and external pressure, temporature, etc ?  I am 
>interested in red/white blood cells, T-cell.
>Thanks in advance.
>I speak only for myself !
>Li Bin					libin at hebron.connected.com

you could have a look in a book called "Cell movement and cell 
behaviour by J.M. Lackie.published by Allen and Unwin 1986 
ISBN no. 0-04-574035-6. This book covers aspects of movement and 
funtion which in part determine cell shape there are also details of 
cytoskeletal elements which you may find interesting. The book is 
mainly concerned with neutrophils and so may suit your requirements 
for white blood cells.>

Robert Burns
Scottish Agricultural Science Agency

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