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Jim Cummins cummins at
Wed Aug 17 19:54:21 EST 1994

I also use EndNote Plus and it's a great product.   You can get more
information from

Niles & Associates, Inc.     internet:  nilesinc at
800 Jones St.                telephone: (510) 559-8592
Berkeley CA 94709            fax:       (510) 559-8683
U.S.A.                       Country code is (+01)
There's also an international Listserv newsgroup:

To subscribe via the 'net use the Email address LISTSERV at UCSBVM.BITNET
and put in the message "SUBSCRIBE ENDNOTE" followed by your name.  

To unbsubscribe either send "HELP" (which will get you general LISTSERV
commands) or "UNSUBSCRIBE ENDNOTE"          

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