WEHI (b cell) tranfections - lack of expression

steven joseph chmura sjchmura at kimbark.uchicago.edu
Thu Aug 18 10:50:05 EST 1994

This is really quite odd, and I am at a loss for an explanation.

We have been transfecting WEHI231 cells which are an imature murine
b cell lineage with various constructs.  We have used CMV-neo-X,
SV40-neo-X etc.

We select for the neo resistant strains - works great.

But then we look for expression of our protein - nothing. 
Look at northern's - nothing.

We run PCR - we have the gene there. 

What is going on?  Is the prmoter being turned off?  Am I
just incapable of running a western?

Has anyone else had similiar difficulties with b cell lineages?


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