Richard Gordon gordonr at cc.UManitoba.CA
Sat Dec 3 01:20:03 EST 1994

Dear Andy,
If apoptosis is a step of differentiation, then it may be initiated and 
constrained by the trajactory of a differentiation wave. See:

Bjorklund, N.K. & R. Gordon (1993). Nuclear state splitting: a working 
model for the mechanochemical coupling of differentiation waves to master 
genes. Russian J. Dev. Biol.  24 (2), 79-95.

for a model that might be expandable to what you are seeking, and:

Bjorklund, N. K. & R. Gordon (1994). Surface contraction and expansion 
waves correlated with differentiation in axolotl embryos. I. Prolegomenon 
and differentiation during the plunge through the blastopore, as shown by 
the fate map. Computers & Chemistry  18(3), 333-345. 

for the latest on differentiation waves. Best regards, -Dick Gordon[Dec3,94]

On 2 Dec 1994 bordeaux at cwu.edu wrote:

> A lack of cellular growth signals can lead to programmed cell death,
 apoptosis but during embryonic development some apoptosis is desireable 
(for example, to
> get rid of the webbing between fingers and toes).  However, too much cell
> death will occur if apoptosis is not controlled.  Can anyone give me a model
> that will detail the events between the secretion of a hydrophobic steriod 
> signal which is then presented to an embryonic human cell and ending with 
> reduced levels of apoptosis in those cells?
> Any help at all would be appreciated more than you will ever know!
> Andy

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