How to make color SLIDES: Help req

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Wed Dec 7 16:06:42 EST 1994

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>Subject: How to make color SLIDES: Help req
>Date: Tue, 6 Dec 1994 16:57:09

>If anybody knows how to make colored slides from sigma plot windows and 
>harvard graphics please let me know.  What about polaroid or kodak  systems? 
>any experience? My  university multimedia dept is useless!
>---please reply to stubbsc at    --thanks Chris Stubbs

Try dumping the files into a presentation graphics program like Freelance 
Graphics or PowerPoint and then either send them out (Autografix has a service 
that will make [expensive] slides for you) or take them to a graphics/ 
printing service that uses PCs, they usually have slide makers. Don't know if 
this helps.


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