*HELP* Cell viability expts

Allan Hayle allan at amersham.co.uk
Thu Dec 8 07:56:27 EST 1994

An alternative method for you to try is:
Ethidium Bromide/Fluorescein diacetate staining where the viable cells stain Green  
and the dead cells stain Red under fluorescent light.
The FDA solution is 5mg/ml in acetone. For use add 2 pipette drops in 10 ml basic 
MEM (with no additions).`
EtBr solution is 200ug/ml in basic MEM.
To prepare the stain, mix equal volumes diluted FDA stain and EtBr solution.
Dilute the cell suspension in this solution to the required dilution for counting
under a fluorescent microscope
hope this works for you
Allan Hayle 

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