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> Any suggestions for regulating the rate at which planaria are frozen? Two
> of my students need help. These are high school students without
> sophisticated equipment.  They've done some extensive reading, but can't
> come up with a "simple" way to regulate the rate at which the cells re
> frozen.  This seems to be the key.  Thank you.  I'm on America Online . 
> GeorgeM519.

Try containing your sample in side a box or container of polystyrene
(styrofoam in the US). The insulation slows the rate of freezing. In some
research centres it is the standard way of freezing cell cultures.
However, this is normally achieved in a -70 deg freezer and on small
samples eg 1ml or less. The thickness of the container should be
experimented with but for the size mentioned above something 1cm or even
less seemed to work overnight.

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