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Fri Dec 9 07:33:57 EST 1994

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>        Is there a freeware/shareware/costlyware program that calculates the
> concentration of free calcium in different buffers?
> Thomas E. Phillips, Ph.D.
> Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

I can supply you with Chelator. It's a PC-compatible program running in
DOS. Using a mouse or the keyboard, you can select chelating agents,
metals and pH buffers. The program will calculate free from total metal
concentrations and the other way around. We obtained good agreement
between calculations and measured concentrations [see Schoenmakers et al.,
Biotechniques 12: 870-879 (1992)]. Although the program is designed to
calculate the effects of different conditions on the binding reactions,
it's still a good idea to try to check the calculations for your specific
 Another very well written piece of software is MaxChelator by Chris
Patton at Stanford University.

Both programs are free (scientists should help, not obstruct, each other)

Theo Schoenmakers
Dept. Animal Physiology
University of Nijmegen
The Netherlands

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