serum free freezing medium

Robert Burns burns at
Wed Dec 14 12:03:21 EST 1994

   we are in the process of converting our hybridoma cell lines
onto serum-free medium. We are using the Sigma protein/serum free
formulation and have no problems getting the cells to grow.

Our problem is freezing them. We are using the Sigma serum-free
freezing medium and have stuck to the instructions for use.

The cells are beautiful immediately after thawing but most die
within 24 hours. We have tried messing about with cell densities
and volumes of media that we are thawing in to but nothing seems
to make much difference. Sometimes we can grow on the few cells
that remain but not always. With serum+ freezing medium we always
have good results and  can rely on the qulaity of our frozen

Is there anything that anyone can think of that we could be doing
wrong or has anybody had the same experiences?

Robert Burns

Monoclonal Antibody Unit
Scottish Agricultural Science Agency
East Craigs

burns at

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