Dennis Goode GOODE at ZOOL.UMD.EDU
Tue Dec 27 13:26:29 EST 1994


I've found the following references stimulating 'classics' on the 
subject of temporal patterns in cells:
Edwards, L.N. Cell Cycle Clocks (Marcel Dekker) and
Goodwin, Brian C. Oscillatory behavior in enzymatic control processes. 
Adv. Enzyme Regulation 3: 425-438.
However, you'll need to reevaluate the classic cell cycle references 
based on more recent specifics on cyclins, etc. (start with the cell 
cycle chapter in Alberts: Molecular Biology of the Cell)

and Peter:

I've also seen polygonal patterns of actin-myosin arrays; in my case 
they were in cardiac myocytes reforming myofibrils after cell division 
in culture; see:

Goode, D. Mitosis of embryonic heart muscle cells in culture...
Cytobiologie 11: 202-229.

My guess is that the pentagonal arrays in this case may be due to the 
initial angles of attachment of alpha actinin to actin 
filaments during (re)formation of contractile arrays.



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