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Wed Dec 28 12:53:34 EST 1994

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>Couple of days ago, I was showing off the ease of access to information 
>on Internet, to a friend of mine (Eurpean surgeon who is doing a 
>reserach on pancreas in U.S.) 
>He asked me to find any article related to pancreas.
>I used Archie and telneted to , but doing a search 
>on pancreas returned zero match.
>I am kind of baffled and can not understand, how could it possible that 
>one not be able to find info, on part of a human body on the net.
>I will appreciate if someone can tell me what tool I need to use and 
>where do I need to look to find info on pancreas.
>magid.t at

Gee, I guess the power of the 'net has been oversold.  I just looked in 
Medline (a database of medical and biological journals, commonly 
available at many universities and medical schools) for "pancreas" and found 
7487 articles from 1990-1994 alone.

			Nick Theodorakis
			ntheo at
			Johns Hopkins Medical School, Baltimore, MD

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