endothelial cells

Mike Powers Michael_Powers at qmgates.affymax.com
Fri Dec 30 13:11:55 EST 1994

They grow painfully slow.  Have you characterized them yet?  eg:  form
tubes on Matrigel®, take up DiIAcLDL, Stain positive for antivWF? Have you
tried using bovine brain-derived growth factor (eg: availible from
Collaborative biomedical products[800-343-2035])?  What media are you
using?  At what density were the cell plated (they'll grow much quicker@
at least 50-60K cells/sq cm flask surface).  Have you tried using
conditioned media?  Right across town @ Penn, in chemical engineering,
Tarbell's group routinely cultures large vessel endothelium.  Give them a
call.  Also, have you checked for mycoplasma contamination?  Are you using
any antibiotics? Antimycotics?
Good Luck!!
Michael_Powers at qmgates.affymax.com

 In article <1994Dec28.121316 at earth.medcolpa.edu>,
osborneaj at earth.medcolpa.edu wrote:

> Need helful hints on how to grow microvascular endothelial cells. Any
help will
> do having hard time getting cells to become confluent. Is there some kind of
> magic dust that I could sprinkle to get them to grow, and keep down
> contamination? Please, once again any help will do.

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