Mastoparan activation of G proteins and NDPK.

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Fri Feb 25 09:26:43 EST 1994

On 23 Feb 1994 19:07:42 GMT, krasel at (Cornelius Krasel) said:
> Jon Nakamoto (jnakamot at wrote:
> : Calling all G-protein researchers [there must be thousands out there
> : somewhere!])

> I'm listening :-)

So am I ;-))

Perhaps we could convince Dave Kristofferson that we should make a
bionet gourp on a slightly broader scope bionet.signaling.

BTW, I am *not* volunteering to spearhead this effort.

The work on mastoparan and related peptides is very interesting, but I
am not sure how it relates to the general phenomenon of activation of
G-proteins by receptors. In general it appears that a number of
non-receptor stimuli can turn these proteins on.

Now that there is an active transducin and a native transducin
structure can anyone see a rational mechanism where by all these data
make sense?

Also, Nishimoto (here at MGH now) has shown the IGF2R (M6PR) can
activate G-proteins. Is this widely understood and does it make sense?

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