Mastoparan activation of G proteins and NDPK.

Cornelius Krasel krasel at
Sun Feb 27 15:19:27 EST 1994

Lee F. (Frank) Kolakowski (lfk at wrote:

: Also, Nishimoto (here at MGH now) has shown the IGF2R (M6PR) can
: activate G-proteins. Is this widely understood and does it make sense?

There are claims in the literature that the insulin receptor can also
activate G proteins (I think it was G_i) -- these claims are regularly
refuted by other groups :-) But currently it seems that non-seven-TM-
helix-receptors can couple to G proteins as well. Does this make sense?
I don't know. Receptor crosstalk seems to be an important issue in
vivo, and this would add additional opportunities (and make the system
even more complicated).


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