problems with CHO-cells

Dan S. Duch dnsduch at
Thu Jul 7 14:57:39 EST 1994

Is anybody familiar with the culturing of CHO-cells?

I am culturing two lines of CHO-cells expressing sodium channels for use in 
patch-clamp experiments, and for a couple of weeks I have problems with a 
strange phenomenon. Once I rupture the patch in the whole-cell patch-clamp 
mode, the cells start swelling or forming blebs. This seems not to be due to 
an osmotic gradient of pipette and extracellular solutions, since the cells 
swell even if the pipette is filled with the extracellular solution.
Even more strangely, the swelling space seems to be between an outer and inner 
membrane, filled with translucent liquid, not with the greyish cytoplasm.

If a similar phenomenon has happened to anybody before or someone has an 
explanation for this, please send messages to

Thanks for your help.

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