Quantitation of Oligonucleotide

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> Hello everyone!!
> I need to find out how to quantitate my synthesized oligo (20mer).  I know 
> that I need to determine the abs at 260 but I'm not sure what to do beyond 
> that.  Thanks in advance from a fellow cell biologist.
To quantiFY an oligo, you want to read its A260 (dilute it to obtain readings between 0.1 and 0.8 for more accuracy), then multiply this reading by the dilution factor, and then by 33 (1 A260 unit corresponds to 33 ug/ml concentration of oligonucleotide). This will give you the concentration of your oligo in ug/ml. You can convert it to the molar concentration if you calculate the MW of your 20-mer; i.e. M= [ug/ml]x10-3/MW. Have fun.
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