Paramesium Behavior

Joel Henkel jhenkel at
Mon Jul 11 21:29:53 EST 1994

I would like to find a cell biologist working with Paramesium, particularly
its behavior. My purpose is to translate some ideas I have into biology-ese.
These ideas draw from the work of Donald MacKay, an information theorist,
who introduced a second type of information to the usual selective
information--the bit, namely structural information--the logon and the
metron. Structural information is independent of "messages" and involves
the patterns observed in the world. Also, I draw on Gregory Bateson's 
notion of mind and consciousness as a cybernetic circuit connecting the 
world--territory, and an internal model of the world--map in an organism.
As a physicist, I am soliciting and interdisciplinary discussion.
Joel Henkel

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