Plant tissue culture

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Clare Grant (Solo at wrote:
: I hope this is the right group to post this to. Sorry if it's not.

: I need some info on plant tissue culture techniques - what medium is best etc.

: Thanks in advance

: Clare 
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: Clare Grant

Optimum medium and conditions depends on what plant  and plant tissue you 
are trying to culture.  Most embryo culture uses some modification of 
basic Murasige and Skoog medium, usually alterring the carbon source and 
the plant hormones.  Anther culture is a totally different story, with 
dozens of recommended media.  There has been several recent papers on how 
micronutrient concentrations in MS medium are not optimal for monocots, 
especially the copper conc.  I work on barley currently, and have done 
some tissue culture of oats and tall fescue.  If you want details on 
these crops or related species, feel free to e-mail me.

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