Commercial supplier for CSF-1?

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Thu Jul 28 12:54:01 EST 1994

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> Does anyone know of a commercial supplier for colony stimulating factor-1 
> (CSF-1; i.e. the ligand for the receptor encoded by the fms oncogene)?  Is it 
> going by another name these days?
> What is the difference between CSF-1 and the following factors:  G-CSF, GM-
> CSF, and M-CSF?
> Thanks for any information you can provide.
> Brian Greuel
> greuelb1 at

Why pay for it? L-929 cells produce copious amounts of M-CSF (a 1-5%
solution of conditioned media is sufficient to induce macrophage
differentiation). However, if you need the pure/recombinant stuff, both
Sigma and Genzyme sell it, as does R & D. I think Gibco-BRL might as well.

Gerry Feldman

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