GTPase activity and palmitoylation?

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Sat Jul 30 13:58:01 EST 1994

On 28 Jul 1994 20:47:23 GMT,
krasel at (Cornelius Krasel) said:
> does anybody have any idea if depalmitoylation of the alpha subunit would
> affect the GTPase activity of heterotrimeric G proteins? Maybe I am missing
> something? (Cannot recall if G proteins expressed in E. coli have reduced
> GTPase activity :-( )

According to the papers published by the Gilman group, Bourne's group,
and Spiegel's group, the following is the current view:

1) Most alpha subunits get myristoylated. recombinant alphas in
   E. coli have low activity. When coexpressed with myristoyl
   transferase, in vitro activity returns to normal.

2) The palymitoylation does not seem to affect the intrinsic GTPase
   activity in vitro, but has effects (perhaps subtle, perhaps major)
   in vivo. See Borune's paper in Cell in June 1994.

3) The myristoylation and palymitoylation occur at different times during
   the proteins expression and the latest data about palymitoylation is that
   that may be regulated or be regulating.

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