Michael R. Freeman,Ph.D. FREEMAN_M at A1.TCH.HARVARD.EDU
Wed Jun 1 18:43:32 EST 1994

     Hello. I am a sophomore biology student at Virginia Commonwealth
University in Richmond, VA, USA.....  What I want to know is where is
the information? Doesn't anybody upload primary research articals?
Not just to the newsgroups, I mean even ftp seems to have little or
nothing to offer.... This is supposed to be the information age and
this the information super highway... so WHERE IS IT?
     I am taking cell bio for the first time and our teacher has
asked us to become familiar with the school's "d-base", but my
schools "d-base" is in reality an online card catalog. I'm suggesting
to the Computing services dept. at my schoolol to add a bio ftp site,
for the posting of primary research articles, but they will only do
this if they think it is worthwhile and will be used.. why are we so
behind in the free exchange of this information? Please e-mail me
with comments, suggestions, and interests in the ftp site.
Mark R. Andrachek, Jr.
bio4mra at

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