Stefan Kahlert UZS13B at
Fri Jun 10 10:00:53 EST 1994

Hi body,
I am working in a cytological lab  and I should do an experiment with inside
out follicles of thyroid cells.
My aim is to show the apical side by an autoradiogaphic experiment with
iodine 125. In this way I can detect the TPO at the apical side of the cell.
My problem is, that I have not done any autoradiographical work at all, so I
need some help how I can mark the cells (may be with iodine-albumine?) and in
which way I should develop the radiosensible material (what kind of film
should I try?)?
Thanks a lot for any hints,    :<))
Claus Pietrzik
(using Internet-account of his fellow-student Stefan-Kahlert)

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