Human MtDNA and subtle changes in physical structure

Glen Richard Harris as071 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Sat Jun 18 03:36:58 EST 1994

My whole MtDNA genome was sequenced twice because my pedigree
shows that most of my maternal relatives have a slight subtle 
physical trait.

The results: inconclusive, I do have a transversion error in the 
control region of my MtDNA in which Chuck Ginther of the
University of California at Berkley says makes my "Old Celtic" MtDNA 
the most interesting sequence of the whole MtDNA database.

If you can help me prove it, you are free to contact DR. Mary Claire 
Kings assistant, Sarah Rowell, to get my sequence.

Please contact me first for I don't want to give her phone number
on the inernet.

I can be reached at (613) 724-6464.

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