Inquiry re: Karyotype Stain

Timothy Chipman 901106c at
Mon Jun 20 08:24:25 EST 1994

	I hope that this is the appropriate newsgroup for these questions... I am attempting the preparation of a karyotype of the amphipod,Corophium volutator  using a standard protocol that employs colchicine and heated 10% Giemsa stain.  
	I would be grateful for any methods/tips that anyone has found useful,with marine crustaceans especially.  Specifically, I am wondering about standard times for the staining process.  My literature review has turned up several staining times ranging from 20 min. to 3 h.
	Also, I am curious whether the appearance (colour) of the stained squash varies with staining time.
If you can help me with these questions, I would appreciate it if you would email responses to: 901106c at

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