Isolation of monocytes

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Thu Jun 30 10:44:57 EST 1994

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>I need to isolate monocytes from a large amount (@ 2 l) of porcine blood. I 
>would like to know if anyone is doing work of this nature  and what method would 
>be the most efficient. Also, what medium is required for culturing these cells?

RPMI 1640 with 5-10% calf serum is probably a good bet for culture medium (it 
works well for pulmonary macrophages, anyway).  I've tried isolating monocytes 
and PMNs from hamster blood with little success.  I hear it's hard to hit 
_just the right_ protocol for isolating cells from blood, and then it gets 
routine.  Good luck!

- Bill  (guilford at

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