Isolation of monocytes

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>Subject: Isolation of monocytes
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>I need to isolate monocytes from a large amount (@ 2 l) of porcine blood. I 
>would like to know if anyone is doing work of this nature  and what method would
>be the most efficient. Also, what medium is required for culturing these cells?

>Michael Johnson

I have isolated mononuclear cells from porcine blood using Histopaque 1077.  
Blood was collected using Acid Citrate Dextrose Sol'n B as an anticoagulant 
(Heparin and EDTA did not work well) and the cells were isolated by layering 6 
mL blood over 3 mL Histopaque in a 15 mL tube and centrifuging for 30 min at 
800 x g.  Clearly this isn't too practical for a 2L volume but you may be able 
to scale the process up a bit by using a larger test tube.  Do you really need 
to process 2L at once or could the processing be spread out over time?  
Perhaps if you re-posted with more detail of what you'd like to accomplish you 
might get some additional suggestions from the net. 

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