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Tue Mar 1 16:46:28 EST 1994

In article <fodde.2.000E9C75 at ruly46>, fodde at ruly46 (Riccardo Fodde) writes:
> I'm looking for a dominant selectable marker to transfect an ES cell line 
> which is already G418 and Hygromicin resistant. Can anybody help me?
> Any suggestion will be very much appreciated.
> Riccardo Fodde


There are others you could use, though I haven't tried anything other than
hygro and G418 in ES cells.  HPRT minigenes have been used successfully in ES 
                 Reid et al., 1990. PNAS 87, 4299-4303
                 Magin et al., 1992.  Gene 122, 289-296
                 van der Lugt et al., 1991.  Gene 105, 263-267
Other markers that may be useful (though I'm not aware whether they've been
used in ES cells) are:

MDR1	       		Kane et al., 1989.  Gene 84, 439-446.
pSV2his, pSV2trp	Hartman & Mulligan, 1988.  PNAS 85, 8047-8051.

There are others around I'm sure, but obviously you want to be careful what
sort of selection you apply to your ES cells, or you may cause them to
differentiate wildly!


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