calcium transients during mitosis

Udo Merkel merkel at
Mon Mar 7 05:44:39 EST 1994

According to a minireview issued a while back (Peter Hepler, 
J Cell Biol 109, 1989, 2567) it is still unclear whether
calcium transients after fertilization have a role in 
triggering key events during mitosis (nuclear envelope 
breakdown, metaphase-anaphase transition, cytokinesis).

Now Steinhardt el al (Science 263,1994,390) report evidence 
for a role of calcium in the healing properties of disrupted
membranes (of sea urchin embryo and 3T3 cells).  They report 
also on an antagonism of Ca++ and Mg++ that is in a way 
reminiscent of phenomena observed in neurosecretion.

Could it be that even the mitotic phases don not depend so 
much on a calcium signal per se but rather on the relative 
concentrations of calcium and an antagonist (magnesium?) 
Any references on this issue?

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