physiology grad schools?

William H. Guilford guilford at
Mon Mar 28 10:06:20 EST 1994

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>i'm not exactly sure if i'm posting this in the
>right spot, but i was wondering if anybody could
>tell me which universities (in the states) have
>graduate programs in physiology, or perhaps
>how i could go about finding that out.


Virtually all of the major universities in the States have
departments of physiology (Notre Dame is a noteworthy exception).
I went to graduate school in physiology at the University of 
Arizona in Tucson.  I'm currently in the department of physiology
at the University of Vermont.

For detailed information on departments, look into the "Guide to
Graduate Programs" - or something like that; I can't remember the
name for sure.  It's a thick book listing all the various graduate
departments and programs in the nation, and many world-wide.

Check your local University library reference section.

Hope this helps!  - Bill

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