cytokines, internalised?

P Mulderry mulderry at
Mon Mar 28 05:53:45 EST 1994

MJ Duggan <sgex400 at> writes:

>Dear netters,

>I know that several (all?) of the growth factors (e.g. NGF) are 
>internalised after they bind to their receptors. But I would
>like to know if this is true for the cytokines as well. I have tried
>looking in several textbooks but can find no mention of such a
>mechanism. Does this mean that the cytokines are not internalised,
>that no one has looked (!), or that it happens but nobody thinks
>that it is important? 

Leukemia inhibitory factor is internalized by sensory neurons.
See Hendry et al., J. Neurosci. v.12 p.3427 (1992)
    Curtis et al., Neuron v.12 p.191 (1994)

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