Mol. Bio. GRE Subject Test

tinalyn marie malecki tmalecki at
Tue May 3 20:53:03 EST 1994


Has anyone out there taken the GRE Biochemistry,
Molecular Biology subject test? (*Not* the Biology one, which is
more general.)  

If so, can you please tell me: 

     - How did you like it?  
     - What kind of format does it have?  
     - How would you assess the level of difficulty and on what
       criteria do you base this assessment?  
     - Was there a lot of structure identification on the   
       biochemistry section?  
     - Did it concentrate on plant or animal metabolic pathways? 
     - Did the molecular genetics section concentrate on      
       eukaryotes or prokaryotes?  
     - Was it necessary to know distinctions in genetic processes
       between specific prokaryotes or eukaryotes?  
     - What percentage was mathematical genetics problems (e.g.,  
       recombination frequencies or linkage disequilbrium)?  

Any info would be appreciated.
Thank you!


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