Deconvolution Algorithm for Z-series

Steve Dobson dobson at
Tue May 10 16:45:58 EST 1994

Using a BioRad MRC-600 Confocal Microscope, I've collected some pretty good
z-series through an insect early embryo nuclei.  In those metaphase nuclei
where the chromosomes are separate and spread out, I can easily count and
measure the chromosomes.  However, if there is overlap of the chromosomes,
I am sometimes unable to definitively determine the morphology.

In a 1990 article (Y. Hiraoka, D. Agard, and J. Sedat; J. Cell Bio.; V
111,N 6, Pt 2; pp 2815-2828), a "deconvolution" algorithm was used to
remove out-of-focus information.  Contacting one of the authors, I recently
found out that this algorithm was not public domain but was available
through a software manufacturer).  Unfortunately, after contacting the
software company, I found the price to be well out of my ability.

Is such an algorithm availble as freeware or shareware.  I am currently
using NIH Image for image manipulation, but I have access to other
computers if I need them.  I'm willing to give up user-friendliness.

Please contact me if you have information or know someone I might contact
for more information.  My address is :

dobson at

Thank you,

Steve Dobson
U C Berkeley

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