Highest quality 125-Iodinated products for radioimmunoassay.

Calrad calrad at aol.com
Sun Nov 13 15:40:37 EST 1994

CAL-RAD Co. offers the highest quality 125-Iodinated products for
radioimmunoassay, such as Protein A, Goat Anti-Mouse lgG, Goat Anti-Rabbit
lgG, Bolton-Hunter Reagent, Albumin from Bovine Serum, cAMP, EGF, Insulin,
etc.  CAL-RAD Co's prices are three to four times lower than Amersham or
NEN.  Telephone:  800/652-5723; FAX:  714/667-7984; E-Mail: 
Calrad at aol.com.  Joseph Pluhar

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