Q RE: Equine serum

Jason at UofSask jir130 at duke.usask.ca
Mon Nov 14 19:45:17 EST 1994

Hi there,
	Does anyone have any experience using equine serum for 
endothelial cell (EC) cultures?  I read that it apparently has 
good as well as repeated success with stimulating EC growth while 
inhibiting the proliferation of other cell types (non-factor VIII related 
cells) in culture.
	I am currently using 15-20% calf serum for my ECs (from bovine 
brain capillaries) with limited success (contaminating cell types other 
than ECs are a problem).  Any suggestions for a good way of eliminating 
or limiting the growth of non-endothelial cell types in culture are also 
	Thanks in advance for your help.     

Jason Ram
Vet. Physiol. Sci.
U of Saskatchewan

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