CD9 eos and PMN

Gail Sullivan gws3u at GALEN.MED.VIRGINIA.EDU
Wed Nov 16 09:51:58 EST 1994

Thank you to the netters who answered:

Yes, other cell types express CD9.  I failed to mention that we are working
with just the granulocytes. The platelets and lymphocytes are well removed
by the ficoll-hypaque and percoll separations leaving essentially just the
granulocytes, which we are further separating into  PMN and eos fractions.
The FACS by forward and side scatter has pretty well confirmed that our
fractions are granulocytes. Now we want to see if the CD16 positive cells
(PMN) are CD9 negative and vica versa.

Is there someone out there with eos separation experience?  We are
especially interested in methods that do not require stimulation of the
granulocytes with fMLP.


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