Looking for translocation cell lines.....

michelle or doug...... d-burtrum at ski.mskcc.org
Mon Nov 28 10:28:34 EST 1994

I am looking for the names of cell lines which definitely have the
translocation T 14:18 (human), which is the BCL-2 locus to the IgH locus. 
I would like to have some lines which have it and some which don't.  The
ATCC does not seem to describe this translocation in any of the cell lines
I looked at.  It is supposedly most common in follicullar lymphoma and
leukemia.  I simply need confirmation of lines in which this occurs.  I've
been told that Jurkat has this translocation, but I have been unable to
confirm this.  

thanks for your help

Michelle Tourigny
mrtour at stud.med.cornell.edu


or Michelle

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