Karyotype protocol for amphibian cell line

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>>Can anyone provide me with a protocol for karyotyping an amphibian
(Bombina orientalis) cell line?  I am currently using the protocol from
the newest edition of Freshney, but my results are very good.  Perhaps
this is because of the difference in culture conditions between amphibian
and mammalian cell lines?<<


Are you getting a good proportion of mitotic cells? Previous experience
(this was many years ago, so I hope my memory serves me) with frog cell
lines indicates that colchicine and colcemid did not work well. We had to
use vinblastine to get good mitotic arrest. As I recall, the people trying
to do karyotype analysis found that it was much harder to get the frog
chromosomes to spread out. You might try to contact Dr. Betsy
Ohlsson-Wilhelm at Penn State University. If you need a better address,
E-mail me.  I may be able to find it for you. 

Don Newmeyer
La Jolla Inst. for Allergy and Immunology

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