WANTED: Cellular composition

Laurent Guiraud lguiraud at dialup.francenet.fr
Sat Oct 1 18:28:20 EST 1994

	I am a Phd student at the University Pierre et Marie curie 
in Paris (France).
	I am working on the physics underliing the effects of
ionizing radiation (especially ultrasoft X-rays and heavy ions) 
on the DNA of cells.
	In order to achieve an experiment in which we will 
irradiate V79 Chineese Hamster cells (G0 Phase)
with ultrasoft X-rays, we need the exact relative abundance of
cell's atomic species like carbon, oxygen, Nitrogen ...
And if possible for the cytoplasm and the nucleus. 
Any help will be greatly appreciate! :-)
			Laurent Guiraud.
E-mail : lguiraud at dialup.francenet.fr

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