Telomere DNA binding proteins

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Sat Oct 8 20:55:00 EST 1994

In article <371qva$bkp at>, toddles1 at (Toddles1) writes...
>I am doing a research project on the properties and structure of telomeric
>DNA binding proteins.  Information is very minute on this subject.  Please
>send any information including possible proteins/enzymes that are related
>to this topic.  Also, any information on available resorces on the
>Internet would be very, very helpful.

I can't help you with telomeric DNA binding proteins, but a good place to start
in terms of internet resources is the following:

	Smith, Una R. (1993) "A Biologist's Guide to Internet Resources."
	Usenet sci.answers.  Available via anonymous FTP and e-mail from as file pub/usenet/news.answers/biology/guide. 40 pages.

Good luck.
J Quyen Wickham
Univ. of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

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